•          You always use our kayaks on your own risk.
  •          You need to be older than 18 years old. Bring your ID.
  •         You know how to swim
  •          You use a lifejacket
  •          You are responsible for the equipment. If you lose or damage          the equipment you are liable. Check your insurance prior to              renting.
  •           You are not allowed to rent the equipment to a third part. 
  •           You leave information about where you are going,                                  and inform us if your plans change.
  •          You respect the rules, laws and regulations in the area.
  •          If you are a new beginner you stay close to land and let us                  know if you need instructions.
  •          We reserve the right to refuse rental if we think that you are             too unexperienced considering current or coming                                   weather/wind conditions.
    •     The kayaks should be returned on the right time and         be clean   on the inside. If you return late we will               charge 200 SEK/                      started hour.
  •               When you rent a kayak from us you aprove for us to save                   and use your contact information according to GDPR
  •                  In conjunction with rental you accept the terms above.


  •          Payment should be done within 24 hours from the                                 confirmation of you booking. If you don’t pay within this                    period your booking will be canceled.
  •          If you make a booking with short notice you need to pay at                least before you pick up the kayaks.
  •          Cancelation policy is 7 days to get your money back. If you                 cancel at least 3 days before we will charge 50% and if you                 cancel later than 3 days before we will charge 100%.