Our kayaks

We have both singel kayaks (K1) and duoble kayaks (K2). 

Singel Kayaks:
The kayaks that we rent are from Seabird and are the Seabird Expedition LV and Seabird Expedition HV models. They are the same kayak but in different sizes.

LV is suitable for those that weigh up to 85kg or if you would like to just do a daytrip with light luggage. HV is suitable for those over 85kg or if you would like to carry more luggage for a longer trip.

Tandem Kayaks:
Our double kayaks is from Prijon and of the model Exkursion. They are a good stable allround kayak.

All our kayaks are stable and easy to paddle but also fast in the water. They have good storage space and smart functions that are extremely useful when out at sea.

Here you find more information aboute our kayaks:

Seabird expedition HV.

Seabird expedition LV.

Tandem-kayak Prijon exkursion