Prices Kayaks
When you hire a kayak with us the following is always included: spray skirt, paddle, lifejacket, sea-card and an introduction to the basics of kayaking.
Halfday   (08:00-13:00 or 13:00-18:00)
K1 (singel kayak)  350 kr                       K2 (double kayak) 550kr

Full day (One day 08:00-18:00)
K1 (singel kayak)  400 kr                        K2 (double kayak)650kr

24 hours (Consecutive hours)
 K1 (singel kayak)  450 kr                       K2 (double kayak)  750kr

Two days one night (08:00 day 1 to 18:00 day 2)
K1 (singel kayak)  650 kr                          K2 (double kayak) 1100kr

Two days (48h) (Consecutive weekdays)
K1 (singel kayak)  750 kr                            K2 (double kayak) 1300kr

Weekend (Friday kl 15:00 to sunday kl 18:00)
K1 (singel kayak)  850 kr                            K2 (double kayak)  1500kr

Full week  (pickup and return by prior arrangement)
K1 (singel kayak)  1600 kr                            K2 (double kayak) 2600kr


To make a reseration for groups please kontact us via e-mail.

Other equipment to rent:

Tent  200kr/24h
Sleeping bag   50kr/24h
Spirit stove       50kr/24h


You can pay via Swish (Swedish mobile payment) number 1230562751 or to bank giro 5179-6142.

On site we also accept cash payment.

We also offer a pickup/drop off service. This can be booked along with the kayak booking. The cost consists of a loading cost of SEK 50 per kayak + a transport cost of SEK 10 per km. The minimum charge for this service is SEK 400.